TYPO3 11 Upgrade: Backend 404 not found

Update nginx configuration TYPO3 introduced new URL’s for the backend. If you’re using an nginx, please add the following to your nginx configuration: Please make also sure, that no other nginx rule matches /typo3/ After updating your configuration restart your nginx or reload your configuration. You can find a full configuration example here:https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/guide-installation/master/en-us/In-depth/SystemRequirements/Index.html#nginx Update Apache… Continue reading TYPO3 11 Upgrade: Backend 404 not found

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TYPO3 emails with AWS SES, MailChimp and more

Have you ever struggled sending emails with TYPO3?Why not sending them with an external, established and highly professional 3rd party email provider? TYPO3 has a not documented feature to send out mails easily with: Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) Gmail MailChimp Mailgun Mailjet Postmark SendGrid Sendinblue Since version 10.0 TYPO3 is using the symfony/mailer to… Continue reading TYPO3 emails with AWS SES, MailChimp and more

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Connect TYPO3 with AWS S3

Some years ago TYPO3 version 6.2 introduced the File Abstraction Layer “FAL” to integrate any file storages within TYPO3. Using S3 buckets as file storage could have two benefits: Storing large files on a serverless platform Delivery the files easily with the AWS CDN CloudFront to increase the performance So I started in 2014, sponsored… Continue reading Connect TYPO3 with AWS S3

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